The western section of the Kingdom of Tysa, also known as The Edgelands.

The city of Trithik Edit

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Tallys's Trading Post Edit

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The Silver Shaft Inn Edit

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The Dragonhill Fields Edit

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The Withered Hills Edit

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Fang Ridge Edit

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Moonwolf's Camp Edit

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Borimm's Forest Hall Edit

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The village of Thulwy Edit

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Sharpwood Farm Edit

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North Moss Cave Edit

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The city of Mirgspil Edit

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Lake Ironrain Edit

Lake Ironrain is surrounded by the dense, rugged forests of Western Tysa. It's said that near the centre of this large, inland body of water there lies a bottomless abyss.

Irongard Edit

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The Ironshore Hollows Edit

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Fogbough - The Forest of Mist Edit

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The village of AshlyreEdit

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Moonlyre Lake Edit

This massive lake of immeasurable depth divides much of Western Tysa from the central regions of the kingdom.

The village of Redglen Edit

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Non-Travel Locations Edit

These locations can only be accessed through specific quests.

Boar Cove Edit

A village south of Trithik, just upstream from the "step islands" (including Palemoor) in the River Trynd. You pass through during The Shattered Skull - Part V - The Ghosts of Palemoor Isle.

Doromyre Edit

A village near Mirgspil, raided by goblins just before 7 Goblins - Part III - Tarungar the Axe.

Eastarm Edit

A village half a days' journey north of Trithik. You visit here during Proving Grounds V.

Falsig Edit

A village between Trithik and Frostlyne.

Frostlyne Edit

Setting of The Beast of Ironfang, a remote village on Ironfang Mountain.

Gurdhall Edit

A village that is featured in one of Solundor's reenactments.

Kirnwell Edit

A village north of Trithik., setting of A Dilemma in Kirnwell.

Lopturn Edit

A small town south of Trithik. You visit here during Proving Grounds V.

Quaris-Taen Edit

Setting of Proving Grounds I. A village west of Trithik, where the Song Bird Tavern boasts the best ale west of Talinus

Dra-Kih-Tor Edit

An ancient Aldvari temple in the forest near Quaris-Taen.

Southleaf Edit

A village south and west of Quaris-Taen.

Talwarden Edit

A settlement just west of Trithik, where The Lists of Talwarden takes place.

Tarnsey Edit

You visit this village during Proving Grounds IV.

Teyn-Bri Edit

A woodland village near Trithik. You visit here during Proving Grounds V.

Tillwall Edit

Setting of 7 Goblins - Part I - The Hills North and West, a village on the northern shore of Lake Ironrain.

Tollbrook Edit

A village near Trithik which you visit during A Chance Encounter.

Tuthelstock Edit

Setting of The Bog Giant. A village east of Trithik, with an inn called the Sour Moon.

Werrit Edit

Setting of Trouble in Werrit. A village west of Trithik.

Windlorn Edit

Proving Grounds IV begins here.

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