Are you a natural at slaying things? The skill of Weaponry relates to how well you can handle a weapon that may fall into your hands in the course of the game, and in Sryth, weapons of all types are very common, especially in the hands of nasty things intending to clobber you with them!

Uses Edit

The Weaponry skill will give you bonuses to your Melee Rating when using a weapon. On rare occasions, such as when giving a non-lethal demonstration of your combat prowess, your Weaponry skill may be checked just as any other skill. When you first get the Weaponry skill or any of its subskills, you get 1 extra point of MR.

MR Bonus (total)Levels
0 0
1 1-9
2 10-19
3 20-29
4 30-39
5 40-49
6 50-59
7 60-69
8 70-79
10 80-89
12 90-99
16 100

How to get Edit

See also: How to get more skills, and check the table below for how to get the Weaponry Subskills.

Weaponry Subskills Edit

These subskills can only be learned in the game; if you start a character from scratch, they will not have them. Although they are called "subskills", you can learn them even if you don't have Weaponry yet.

Originally the Weaponry subskills increased your MR at the same rate as general Weaponry, but as of May 12, 2012 they have a bigger effect on your MR, as shown below. There is an additional +1 bonus to MR if your Weaponry and the subskill for your wielded weapon are within 5 levels of each other.

MR BonusLevels
0 0
1 1-4
2 5-9
3 10-14
4 15-19
5 20-24
6 25-29
7 30-34
8 35-39
9 40-44
10 45-49
11 50-54
12 55-59
13 60-64
14 65-69
15 70-74
16 75-79
17 80-84
18 85-89
19 90-99
20 90-94
23 95-99
26 100

Where to get subskillsEdit

Subskill Description


Specialised subskill for clubs and other bashing weapons. This can be learned at the Adventurers' Collective, Thofyra's Training Yard, and with Brother Kol after completing the Lyrelocke Monastery quest.


Specialised subskill for axes and other hacking weapons. You can learn this in the Adventurers' Collective and Thofyra's Training Yard.


Specialised subskill for cavalry lances. This skill is obtained on the West Camp of Saarngard Keep, you can get it as soon as you reach Saarngard Isle, and can only be used in the jousting contest. For the moment, it cannot be used outside of those adventures, since there are no lances in the game.


Specialised subskill for polearms. You can learn this in the Adventurers' Collective and Thofyra's Training Yard.


Specialised subskill for swords and other slashing weapons. You can learn this in the Adventurers' Collective, Thofyra's Training Yard, or from Thaoni in the Moonshore Crossroads Inn.


Specialised subskill for daggers and other stabbing weapons. You can learn this in the Adventurers' Collective and Thofyra's Training Yard.


Specialised subskill for staves. You can only learn this in the Adventurers' Collective.
Cost/Benefit Analysis
You want to have this skill to benefit the most of the AS&P XP rewards. However, acquiring this skill is costly (10 ATs and a minimum of 20,000 gold up-front, although you can later recover 8 of the ATs), so you may want to leave it for later. However, the more skills you have, the more it will cost (up to 52,500 gold) so it's beneficial to learn it early. The decision is yours to make.


Specialised subskill for Troll-Bonts. This skill is automatically gained in Proving Grounds IV, along with the only two Troll-bonts in the game.

Temporary MR boosts Edit

Starting at level 30, Weaponry subskills (and Unarmed Combat) may randomly increase your MR for a combat round. The frequency and effectiveness of these bonuses increase with the skill level. Complete data has not been gathered, but the table below shows what has been observed. Also, see Combat for more information about temporary MR changes during combat.

Temporary MR increases by skill level
Level Frequency (*) Increase range Avg MR increase
1-9 No bonus No bonus No bonus
10-19 No bonus No bonus No bonus
20-29 No bonus No bonus No bonus
30-39 ? ? ?
40-49 ? ? ?
50-59 ? 12-14 ?
60-69 ? ? ?
70-79 ? ? ?
80-89 11.26 22-59 41.39
90-99 ? ? ?
100 ? ? ?

(*) Frequency is expressed as: You get a temporary MR boost once each X rounds (on average). X is the listed value.

Attack Descriptions Edit

(These descriptions are always the same regardless of skill level, they depend only on the weapon equipped)

Standard/Generic Attack Messages
Attack Description
Bashing You swing your <hammer,mace> at your enemy.
Hacking You hack at your enemy.
Polearms You attack your enemy with your halberd.
Slashing You slash at your enemy.
Stabbing You stab at your enemy.
Staves You swing your staff at your enemy.
Troll-Bont You swing your troll-bont at your foe.

Some named weapons have a particular message for battle instead of the generic message, for example "The Hale Blade shimmers as its edge streaks towards your foe" or "You chop at your enemy with the Axe of Bramble". Even some "common" weapons have their own message like "You stab at your foe with your dagger" or "You thrust your spear at your enemy".

Related stats Edit

Agility, Body, Might

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