Though once a military headquarters for the Tysian army, it is currently the residence of Thane Pyrond and his most loyal supporters. Trynd Keep is located on the eastern part of Trithik.

This place is only accessible once you have completed the Stoneback Hill adventure. As a reward, Thane Pyrond will give you private quarters here.

  • You can store your items (up to 50 items can be stored, theoretically, although the item limit by dwelling has not been enforced yet).
  • It is a SAFE place, and from here you can choose to Explore the realms at random

You can also:

  • Stroll in the courtyard: You can see the Watcher (wearing a wide-brimmed leather hat).
  • Pay a visit to Thane Pyrond: You can sell your Pouch Of Emeralds to him. He also may have several quests for you.
  • Examine the books on the shelves: If you have Lore 20+, you can learn more about Trynd Keep (This is a loose end).
  • Relax in front of the fireplace. You may get visitors.
  • And of course you can return to Trithik (leads you back Eastern Trithik in front of the Keep gates).
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