Thievery is (not surprisingly) a skill chiefly concerned with the transfer of property: other people's property to you! But even if you’re an honourable sort who would never take what isn't yours, Thievery can still be a handy skill as it also concerns stealth, slight of hand and agility.

Uses Edit

The uses of Thievery are wide-ranging and varied. There are many opportunities, both honest and dishonest, to practice your stealth and sneaking! Thievery can also help you keep your head in cities and win at gambling.

Most importantly, Thievery keeps your sense of direction in underground places since the dungeon map overview for indoor dungeons works directly off your Thievery skill. This will provide you with either a mini graphical map or text coordinates and notations of your position when you’re in a dungeon. When your Thievery skill reaches level 50, you'll see a question sign ("?") marking special places in indoor dungeons (in outdoor dungeons, the equivalent skill is Woodsmanship).

It also can help you avoid traps that are laid in various places, which would otherwise make you lose Stamina Points.

Finally, some quests and a few items are only available if you happen to know Thievery when you encounter certain events or places.

How to get Edit

See also: How to get more skills.

Related stats Edit

Agility, Luck

Historical note Edit

According to some veteran players, the original skill level required for the question marks to appear on maps was 70; it is uncertain when the value was last changed, but was noticed and tested to be 50+ on 04.12.2009 and confirmed by several members on the forum 04.14.2009. See forum discussion.

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