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The Moonshore Crossroads

You find yourself directly in front of the always-crowded Moonshore Inn and Tavern in the centre of the crossroads that bear its name. The Moonshore has faithfully served travelers passing through these parts for generations. The din emanating from the building can be heard even at a good distance.

From here the King's path runs north and south, providing the most direct route to Talinus as well as to the southern reaches of Tysa. Several lesser roads run into the larger King's Path from different directions.

The Moonshore Inn and Tavern Edit

Wander around Edit

 Challenge Quidda to a Match Informal Adventure

Location: Moonshore Crossroads
Description: "He'll pay 25 gold to anyone who puts up 10 gold and beats him," the man says, "but I don't think he's ever lost."
Requirements: 10 gold
Difficulty: +3 Might check

Order some food and drink Edit

You'll meet different people depending on who you talk to after getting your food.

  • Speak to the woman meditating
    • This is Thaoni of Naidor. She can teach the skills of Weaponry and Weaponry:Slashing and train up levels in the same skills.
    • Each skill learned or level taught costs 25 gold and no experience and requires a random check of 1-20, 18 or less to pass.
    • A character can learn either or both skills plus train with her an additional 5 times (so if you already have the skills, you will only get 5 trainings). The current limits of training with Thaoni are unknown. As of May 2012, Weaponry: Slashing can reach at least 51. July 2012 Weaponry can reach 40. As of July 2014 she will only train Weaponry to 26.
    • Each character can meet Thaoni only once! They have to take all of their training sessions together when they meet her, as she returns to Naidor after the character leaves. (So you have to pass all your checks at once, too.)
    • Historical note: Until July 21, 2010, Thaoni was able to train Weaponry:Slashing up to 100. It was a widely known trick to wait until very late in the game and come here to train Weaponry:Slashing from level 95 to level 100 for a total cost of 125 gold and no experience. This was an enormous saving of experience versus normal training at those levels, and on the times before the gold cap (when training had a gold cost beside the XP), a huge gold saving as well. This mechanic was not believed to be a bug, but after a query from an adventurer, the GM adjusted it.
  • Speak to the man smoking a pipe
    • He leaves in a huff. Nothing else happens.
  • Speak to the nervous young man
    • This triggers:
 Koll the Moneylender Informal Adventure

Location: Moonshore Crossroads
Description: While waiting for your food to arrive, you engage one of the tavern's patrons in conversation and discover that he may be in a bit of trouble...
Requirements: Pay 2 gold for food and ale

Note: Listed in the Adventure Log under Events.

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