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The Goblinclaw Inn

At the end of a short, steeply-pitched path just off the main road that winds through Southtrod Glen, stands the notorious Goblinclaw Inn. Under the ownership of Grutzmil, and his wife, Galorna, the inn has fallen into an advanced state of disrepair, and upon first glance appears to be little more than a squalid eyesore.

Locations Edit

Investigate the Stables Edit

This location was added as part of the Valentine's Day 2012 Event, but is accessible to all.

Seek out the Innkeeper Edit

Spoiler Information

The first time you either "Seek out the innkeeper, Grutzmil" or "Take a seat in the common room" in the Goblinclaw Inn, you'll encounter four men and will have to decide how to react to them. You can either ignore them and leave, or teach them a lesson. Should you choose the latter:

  • +4 exp to Telekinesis (20+)/Illusion (20+)/Unarmed Combat (20+) if used
  • If you choose not to use any skill or power (or simply can't), then you have to dodge an empty flagon (Agility and Luck help; failure will result in losing a bit of Stamina) before engaging the first man in non-lethal combat (Uncouth Mercenary (9+ at MR 35-36 Approx, 40 SP)). Even if you lose, it doesn't affect the event.

No matter which path you choose, in the end a young, grey-haired man will interrupt and make the four men leave before introducing himself as Zalturra. After a brief chat he will leave. Serves to introduce Zalturra, an NPC that is one the the game's many loose ends.

 Into the Cellar (Goblinclaw) (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Goblinclaw Inn
Description: Fetch the shield of Grutzmil's dead brother from the vermin-infested old cellar -- the one that's shut off behind the three doors.
Requirements: None
Difficulty: 9+ at MR ~63
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: The beginning of this quest is accessible to all, but only AG players may proceed into the cellar.

Take a Seat in the Common Room Edit

This area is SAFE once you have completed Into the Cellar (Goblinclaw).

 The Creepy Old Man Informal Adventure

Location: The Goblinclaw Inn
Description: You're about to take a seat near the fire when your wandering eyes come to rest on a table pushed into the far corner of the common room. There, alone, seated with his back to the wall, is an old man, clad in a strange array of colourful, but tattered garments...
Requirements: Into the Cellar (Goblinclaw), The Murk
Difficulty: All enemies are scaled. The hardest ones are 12+ to hit
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Thymbrak and his associated quests Edit

Main article: Thymbrak

Adventures for This Location Edit

 The Blood Code (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Goblinclaw Inn
Description: The sudden appearance of a familiar face in the inn's crowded common room leads to adventure...
Requirements: Lyrelocke Monastery and The Murk
Difficulty: Most difficult enemy is 9+ at MR 90, highest Power requirement is 50, and there is one particularly difficult stat check
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

 Lift the Box (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Goblinclaw Inn
Description: An odd request from an odd fellow in the common room of the Goblinclaw Inn leads to the possibility of an odd bit of adventure...
Requirements: Thievery skill. Without it you don't get the task.
Difficulty: There are no combats so there's no real difficulty, though it certainly helps to be skilled in Thievery and to have high scores in Agility and Luck...

This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
Note: the amount of AT you may get varies depending on your choices
 The Ashen Faces (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Goblinclaw Inn
Description: A young man lies stricken by cloudbreath venom in a back room of the Inn. He has a story to tell and has asked for you by name.
Requirements: Must have completed Into the Cellar at the Goblinclaw Inn
Difficulty: Certain Powers/Skills from 40-70 are desirable

 The Blood of Zardruzin (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Goblinclaw Inn
Description: One wintry night at the Goblinclaw Inn...
Requirements: Must have completed the Vault of the Iron Dragon.
Difficulty: Required battles of 9+ at MR 130
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

 7 Goblins - Part VI - The Search for Malmekko (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: The Goblinclaw Inn, common room
Description: It's into the cellar of the Goblinclaw Inn and onto the trail of Malmekko...
Requirements: Quest: 7 Goblins - Part V - The Fence, Quest: Into the Cellar (Goblinclaw)
Saga: 7 Goblins
Difficulty: 3+ at MR 124.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

 7 Goblins - Part VII - The Altar of Malice (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: The common room at the Goblinclaw Inn
Description: The young man's face is pale and drawn, and he stammers something unintelligible as he draws up to you. Suddenly, his hand shoots out and takes hold of your right wrist. He flips it over and stares down at the six flame markings emblazoned upon your skin.
Requirements: 7 Goblins - Part VI - The Search for Malmekko
Saga: 7 Goblins
Difficulty: +3 at MR 104 (but see walkthrough for important info)

 A Second Encounter (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: The Goblinclaw Inn
Description: Dusk settles over Southtrod Glen...
Requirements: An Arrival
Difficulty: 16+ at MR 212

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