Tharkyr is the Tysian military commander who is currently commanding all of the forces gathered on Saarngard Isle, as well as overseeing the reconstruction of Saarngard Keep. Tharkyr answers directly to Thane Mazembak, who is in charge of the Tysian endeavour to retake the isle.

You can freely chat with Commander Tharkyr about any subject you want. This is a list of subjects to converse with him about.

Feel free to add more topics in either category. Please keep them in alphabetical order to make it easier to find topics.

General Topics Edit

These topics do trigger an answer

  • goblins (same as Naranok)
  • keep (same as Saarngard Keep)
  • King Wenreald
  • Kultaag (same as trolls)
  • Luriakan
  • Mazembak (same as Thane Mazembak)
  • Naranok (same as goblins)
  • prisoner (keep in mind that - should you ask about this - he will, apparently, tell Luriakan, whose reaction may make you wish that you've better heeded your predecessor's warning regarding this subject...)
  • Pyrond (same as Thane Pyrond)
  • Saarngard Keep (same as keep)
  • Thane Mazembak (same as Mazembak)
  • Thane Pyrond
  • trolls (same as Kultaag)

Topics that have been tried and failed Edit

These topics do not trigger an answer:

  • Bloodhilt Dagger
  • border (& border markers)
  • charger
  • firsil
  • goblin war drum
  • history
  • horses (& horsemanship)
  • Hurenon
  • isle (& island)
  • Iyulor
  • joust
  • jousting
  • jousting tournament
  • lances
  • magic
  • Marindol
  • Mirgspil
  • Orthil
  • player character's name ('real' - Tysa - and 'cover'/'fake' - Saarngard - names both)
  • portal (& Shadow portal)
  • powers
  • Quarith
  • Roaring Hills
  • Roaring Woods
  • shadow (& Shadow portal)
  • Stormgait
  • Saarngard
  • Saarngard Isle
  • Sryth
  • staves
  • Tenelbria
  • Thane Marindol
  • Thane Quarith
  • Tharkyr
  • the hold
  • tournament
  • Tysa
  • tzaril
  • Unleri
  • weaponry
  • Wenreald
  • xymaulor
  • Yarrows (& Matthew H. Yarrows)

Well, it can be safely surmised that Tharkyr is not the Pythian I've been hoping for...