This sphere concerns the moving of objects with the power of the mind alone. While a novice in this sphere might only be able to make a book hover across the room, an adept could quite literally move mountains.


In combat Telekinesis may be used to directly or indirectly attack your enemy. While it is usually outstripped by other combat Powers such as Necromancy, it is the only power capable of dealing direct damage that is allowed in non-lethal combat and when subduing.

Outside of combat you'll come across various situations where Telekinesis can come in useful, from unlocking locks to deflecting missiles. There are even a few items that are only available to characters who have a certain level of Telekinesis.

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Combat EffectsEdit

Both Telekinesis effects can be resisted.

Telekinetic BlastEdit

Telekinesis's Instant Effect is called Telekinetic Blast. When it's cast successfully, the combat screen will give the following description:

  • You strike your foe with a devastating blast of telekinetic energy...

There is also a chance to stun your foe, in which case you will see:

  • Your foe has been stunned by your telekinetic attack!'

This will replace your normal attack.

Effects by Level
Tele. LevelDamage*

*Results of testing. Other values may be possible.

Telekinetic ThrustEdit

Telekinesis's Sustained Effect is called Telekinetic Thrust. While it's active, you will see this description:

  • You call upon your mastery of telekinesis to augment your attack...
Effects by Level
Tele. Level+MR*

*Results of testing. Other values may be possible.

How to get Edit

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Historical EffectEdit

Effects of Telekinesis prior to 2012
You summon the power of Telekinesis to forcefully hurl your enemy about!

Level Damage
1-9 1-2
10-19 2-4
20-29 3-6
30-39 4-8
40-49 6-12
50-59 8-16
60-69 10-26
70-79 unknown
80-89 unknown
90-99 unknown
100 unknown

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