This shop is in one of the buildings around Blade Square.

Buying Edit

Teek sells non magical weapons, mostly axes. Most items are common and sturdy he has several well-crafted items and one superior sword.

Selling Edit

Teek will buy weapons, up to 400 gold. See Item Selling Guide. Originally he paid 45% of their true value, up to a maximum of 50 gold.

Other Edit

Once you start Proving Grounds V - The Silver Crest you will not be able to visit Teek any more, and his shop will remain closed.

In the past, Teek was a member of

Spoiler Information
the Silver Crest

and is also related to a certain curious finding:

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  • If you find an Ornate Iron Axe in a tree in Trithik random encounters, you can take it out with Telekinesis 40+. If you take it to Teek, he will identify it as the Axe Of Bramble.

In addition:

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If you complete The Silver Crest Reborn quest, he can be seen with other members of the Silver Crest in their headquarters, but will not return to his shop.