"My strength is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure." Can you carry on in the face of overwhelming odds, resist the wiles of temptation, and keep hope alive when all seems dark? This is what Spirit is related to. As the GM himself puts it, "Spirit is a combination of mental fortitude and faith."


The game will check your Spirit in situations when your strength of will is required, such as resisting psionic attack. Spirit is also one of the stats that relates to how well you can handle magical powers and how often you can use them. Like Body, starting out with a high Spirit (though with a game like Sryth you should always be in high spirits!), will give you bonuses to your SP, whereas a low score will take away from them.

Affected skillsEdit

Diplomacy, Seamanship, Woodsmanship, all Powers.

Improving this StatEdit

See Altering Ability Stats for suggestions on improving your base Spirit.

Spirit, like other Stats, may be improved or degraded by wearing or using certain items. See Spirit Items for more information.

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