The southwest section of the Kingdom of Tysa, also known as Crownhald.

Fenmarch Edit

The region known as Fenmarch is characterized by its numerous bogs, moors, and swamps.

Stormfield Edit

Main article: Stormfield

Sworray Billabong Edit

Main article: Sworray Billabong

The Boomerang Tavern Edit

Main article: The Boomerang Tavern

The Hart Hills Edit

The Hart Hills are a vast expanse of hills (both rocky and forested) that stretches into the foothills of the mighty Felrundin Range.

The village of Hawklor Edit

Main article: Hawklor

Westwold Edit

Main article: Westwold

Bentlimb Wood Edit

Main article: Bentlimb Wood

The Demon Dactyl Inn & Tavern Edit

Main article: The Demon Dactyl Inn & Tavern

Axepath Cemetery Edit

Main article: Axepath Cemetery

Wurmwrit's Farm Edit

Main article: Wurmwrit's Farm

Baomar's Cabin Edit

Main article: Baomar's Cabin

The village of Durnsig Edit

Main article: Durnsig

Tarkhald Crypt Edit

Main article: Tarkhald Crypt

The village of Kolnia Edit

Main article: Kolnia

The village of Highmeadow Edit

Main article: Highmeadow

The village of Marl's Wood Edit

Main article: Marl's Wood

The Bat Cave Edit

Main article: The Bat Cave

Southtrod Glen Edit

The small, thickly forested vale of Southtrod Glen, oddly enough, is actually located on the northern edge of the Hart Hills.

The Goblinclaw Inn Edit

Main article: The Goblinclaw Inn

The village of Elm GnollEdit

Main article: Elm Gnoll

Lilith's Mountain Edit

Main article: Lilith's Mountain

Thornwall Dell Edit

Main article: Thornwall Dell

The Ruins of Tarramyre Edit

Main article: The Ruins of Tarramyre

Southfoot Edit

Main article: Southfoot

The village of Sevenhorn Edit

Main article: Sevenhorn

The village of Ironmark Spur Edit

Main article: Ironmark Spur

The village of MoonpathEdit

Main article: Moonpath

Non-Travel Locations Edit

These locations can only be accessed through specific quests.

Anaryk Edit

A village near Sevenhorn, the setting of Rise of the Frost Demon.

Dul-Thotten Edit

A village near Sevenhorn.

Elmbridge Edit

You travel here during The Giants - Part III - Wrath of the Giant.

Laragol Edit

A village north of Gallowtop in Southfoot.

Oldhatch Edit

A village near Sevenhorn.

Oxwren Edit

A settlement near Elmbridge.

Quarrek Edit

A small hamlet near Durnsig, the setting of Creeping Death.

Redwarren Edit

Setting of the quest Redwarren.

Skybend Edit

A remote mountain village that you travel to during The Killing Hand of Winter.

Wildbriar Edit

A village in Southfoot. It has an inn called the Wayfarer's House.

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