The southeast section of the Kingdom of Tysa, also known as Realmsgate.

Graldok (AG) Edit

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Daggerspire (AG) Edit

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Tryndmoor (AG) Edit

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Silverwysp (AG)Edit

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Meglasmire (AG)Edit

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Crow Hill (AG)Edit

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The Bog Cave (AG) Edit

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Greenmarsh (AG)Edit

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The Long-Hidden Cave (AG) Edit

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Barrow LochEdit

Three rivers (the Trynd, the Stormflow, and the Lochpath) all spill into the dark, murky water of Barrow Loch. In years gone by, the loch was home to a large number of pirate bands, who routinely plundered vessels passing through its murky waters on their way south. The Tysian Navy now regularly patrols the loch, though the disappearance of a ship from time to time is not unheard of.

Westmere Edit

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Dragonwrath Edit

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The Loch CrownsEdit

Initially, these were (AG) travel locations. They were removed when Westmere was added.

Named 'The Loch Crowns' due to the roughly circular shape of each land mass, the four large islands that rise out of the murky depths of Barrow Loch are the subject of countless tales and legends. It is from these islands that the pirate bands who prowled the loch historically launched their raids. Rumours of grand treasure hordes hidden on each of the islands still thrive to this day.

Iron Crown Isle
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Grand Crown Isle

This is the largest of the four 'Loch Crown' islands.

Silver Crown Isle

This island is located in the southwest corner the loch.

Golden Crown Isle

This island is located near the center of the loch.

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