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The Village of Sevenhorn

High in the foothills of a southern spur of the mighty Felrundin Range, the village of Sevenhorn stands as one of the furthest outlying human settlements in all of the southwestern corner of the Kingdom.

Seven towering pinnacles of stone surround the village from which the village takes its name. Local legend says they are the teeth of an ancient dragon that was petrified battling a master wizard in the shadows of some bygone era.

Isolated though they might be, the people of Sevenhorn are friendly and eager to welcome visitors who bear news from the wider realms.

Locations Edit

Red Golt's Inn and Tavern Edit

Spoiler Information
The first time you visit the tavern you'll encounter the Markwhill brothers, starting with a drunken man that insults you. You can:
  • Pay him no mind - He escalates the insults. You can:
    • Walk away - End of story and rewards.
    • Demand an apology or teach him a lesson: The same as if you've selected those options from the start.
  • Demand an apology - follows a +1 (Moderately Difficult) Agility Stat check. After that, subduing battle with 3 Cudgel-Wielding Men. If you win, you're cheered, end of story, and reward.
  • Teach the drunken bully a lesson - you will immediately be confronted by the three thugs mentioned above:

3 Cudgel-Wielding Men (9+ at MR 65 Exact, 75-84 SP, 1 XP), 5-10 SP special attack, you have to attack 2 times before you can flee, You'll face no consequences if you lose

Completion reward
  • 32 general XP for finishing this mini-scenario, no matter how.

Adventures for this location Edit

 The Killing Hand of Winter (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Sevenhorn
Description: Winter grips the North Broadlands -- no more harsh, yet no less cruel than any in recent memory. From the remote mountain town of Skybend there arrives a desperate plea for help, clutched in the talons of a trusted courier...
Requirements: none
Difficulty: No required fights. Powers/Skills checks at 20-50. The best prize requires a hard battle (9+ at MR 65, 400 SP, 10-30 SP special)
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
 The Ring of Black Stones (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Sevenhorn
Description: The unexpected appearance of a familiar face in the village of Sevenhorn draws you into a perilous, but necessary undertaking...
Requirements: The Killing Hand of Winter
Difficulty: 6+ at MR 55

This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
 Rise of the Frost Demon (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Sevenhorn
Description: Once again, the arrival of Quith the woodsman in the village of Sevenhorn heralds the onset of adventure . . . or dire peril . . . depending upon how you look at it . . .
Requirements: The Ring of Black Stones
Difficulty: The fight is 9+ at MR 65, but the higher your SP, the quicker it will be.

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