Yo ho ho! Arr! Me harties! Since a lot of trade and travel in the world of Sryth is carried out over water, knowing your way about a ship can prove extremely useful; it might even save you from an end in Davy Jones' locker!

Uses Edit

Since the skill of Seamanship relates to river-going ships as well, it could come in useful in a variety of places. Seamanship has not been exercised much, but it can help you steady yourself while on a ship.

How to get Edit

See also: How to get more skills.

Special BonusEdit

You can get an extra +4 bonus to Seamanship if you do the following:

Spoiler Information
  • Go to the Eye of the Sea after completing The Silver Crown.
  • If you don't have Seamanship yet, kneel 7 times before it to get the skill.
  • Once you have the skill, kneel 14 more times. You will get +2 to Seamanship after each 7.
  • You can get the bonuses at any time your skill is below 50. If you have Seamanship 50+, the Eye of the Sea won't respond. Thus the best strategy, XP-wise, is to use this bonus to raise your Seamanship skill from 47 to 51 (tested).

Related stats Edit

Body, Spirit

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