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Saarngard Keep

Rising out of the rolling hills in the southeast corner of the isle is the formidable human stronghold known as Saarngard Keep.

Over the centuries since its abandonment, the keep has largely fallen in ruin and decay, though a monumental effort is currently underway to restore the fortress to its former glory. A large population of artisans and labourers toil at all hours of the day and night to see that the reconstruction of the keep proceeds on schedule.

The keep is currently serving as the headquarters for Thane Mazembak who is overseeing the Tysian endeavour to reclaim the island from the savage hordes that have long overrun its shores.

Locations Edit

Saarngard Keep is where you arrive when you travel through the portal from your residence within Trynd Keep in Trithik, and where you will access most of the quests on Saarngard Isle.

Move About the Keep Edit

Training Yard Edit

In the training yard, you can spar one time with several soldiers training here:

  • Young Swordsman (9+ at MR 39-40 Approx, 41-57 SP), can't FLEE
  • 2 Sword-Wielding Soldiers (9+ at MR 50 Exact, 51-82 SP), can't FLEE
  • 3 Soldiers (9+ at MR 60 Exact, 62-77 SP), can't FLEE

Afterwards, Luriakan hints at witnessing similar combat prowess during the quest A Message to Mirgspil.

The West Camp Edit

This area is the main encampment for the soldiers on Saarngard Isle. An upcoming jousting tournament is being prepared here. Entry into the tournament requires the Horsemanship and Weaponry: Lances skills to be at least mastery level 30.

Weaponry: Lances (level 1) can be obtained at the List Field by trading one of the following:

  • 1,024 general xp
  • 512 specific xp in either Weaponry or one of its subskills that you possess

Ideally, you should select a weaponry subskill that you don't use.

You can acquire the skill as soon as you reach the Isle (after The Mission Begins)

Once you have the skills at the required level you have to pass five jousting checks in a row on your first attempt:

The reward for passing all of the checks is +64 general XP, +128 Horsemanship XP, +128 Weaponry: Lances XP, and, finally, access to the Joust.
 The Joust (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: The West Camp, in Saarngard Keep of Saarngard Isle
Description: Jousting Tournament consisting of seven seperate adventures
Requirements: Night of the Four, Weaponry:Lances (30+), and Horsemanship (30+)
Saga: Saarngard Isle
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: This is actually seven separate "Adventures for This Location" quests, listed together for convenience and continuity.

Tharkyr Edit

You can converse with Tharkyr about several trivial subjects. He also has a quest for you.

 The Outpost (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: From Commander Tharkyr in Saarngard Keep
Description: In the forested hills along the southern edge of the Roaring Wood an enemy enclave has been discovered...
Requirements: Access to Saarngard Isle
Saga: Saarngard Isle
Difficulty: Hardest foe 9+ at MR 85 (80 with Goblindoom)

Explore Saarngard Keep Edit

This explorable area becomes available after you have completed all previous quests through Stormgait.

 Explore Saarngard Keep Explorable Area

Route: Saarngard Isle
Description: The halls of Saarngard Keep harbour both intrigue and peril. Proceed with caution if you are indeed bold enough to explore the corridors of Thane Mazembak's rebuilt island stronghold...
Base explorations: 20
Bonus explorations:

Diplomacy: Level/20, rounded down
Thievery: Level/10, rounded down

Max explorations: 30
Reset time: 30 minutes
Requirements: Access to Saarngard Isle

Adventures for This Location Edit

 Footsteps (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Saarngard Keep
Description: Just after midnight you are roused from slumber by the sound of footsteps in the corridor outside your quarters in Saarngard Keep...
Requirements: Must have access to Saarngard Isle
Saga: Saarngard Isle
Difficulty: Several skill/power checks at 60+

 Four Days Outside the Hold (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Saarngard Keep
Description: You find yourself paired with Tharkyr's chief scout for a mission to report on enemy activity along the southern edge of the Roaring Wood...
Requirements: The Outpost
Saga: Saarngard Isle
Difficulty: Recommended MR 100.

 Night of the Four (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Saarngard Keep
Description: A delicate rapping at the door to your chamber just after midnight inexplicably fills you with a deep sense of dread...
Requirements: Four Days Outside the Hold and Footsteps
Saga: Saarngard Isle
Difficulty: Recommended MR 120

 Stormgait (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Saarngard Keep, on Saarngard Isle
Description: The mighty, fearless steed of Thane Mazembak...
Requirements: Winner of The Joust
Saga: Saarngard Isle
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: You can only have 2 horses at a given time. If you already have two, this Adventure will not be available until you sell one of them!
 Exploring Saarngard Isle (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Multiple locations on Saarngard Isle
Description: Visit the explorable areas on Saarngard and see what you can find...
Requirements: The Joust
Saga: Saarngard Isle
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
 The Dungeons of Saarngard (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: The West Camp in Saarngard Keep, on Saarngard Isle
Description: It is a task of utmost secrecy, and dire peril, that sends you into the shadowy corridors beneath Saarngard Keep...
Requirements: Exploring Saarngard Isle
Saga: Saarngard Isle
Difficulty: Skills and Power checks level 60-70+
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: This quest is a prerequisite for Proving Grounds VI (The Alder Throne).

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