Locations marked as SAFE (usually on towns and cities, but also found in dungeons and quests) have several uses:

  • You can Rest there, restoring your SP and NV to full. (A Quickstone will automatically Rest for you.)
  • You can Save your progress once every 30 seconds (and also get some useful alerts about the game)
  • You can use XP to train your skills and powers.
  • You can Identify previously unidentified items (with level 30 Arcana).
  • There are several Items with special abilities that can only be accessed in SAFE locations.
  • If you rest manually (by pressing the REST button) and have conjured items in your inventory, one or more of them may disappear. This does not happen with the Quickstone Autorest.

Historical note Edit

Until June 2010, the time limit was 60 seconds.