This is the polar opposite sphere to Destruction, since it concerns light, healing and renewing.


Restoration can be used in or out of combat to regenerate SP. Outside of combat, you can apply Restoration in most situations by using the "QH" (Quick Heal) button near the top of the right-hand frame of the game screen. You can also click the "Powers" button in the bottom frame and then "use" Restoration.

Restoration cannot be used just before a combat (when the "BEGIN COMBAT!" button is visible) or while certain checks are being made. You can, however, use a kepbekk elixir or leaf.

The amount healed will depend upon the player’s level of restoration (see Effect). Also, there may be situations where a character needs to heal the sick, or repair a damaged item, in these circumstances restoration can also be of use.

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Stats on improved Restoration are being collected on the discussion page. Values above Level 39 are theorized, but testing has so far confirmed these ranges.

Observation suggests that the amount healed per use of Restoration is calculated as Mastery Level/10 (rounded down with a minimum of 1) x d6 (six-sided die rolls). This tends to create more results towards the middle of the range than on the high and low ends. (The chance of rolling the absolute minimum or maximum value is 1/(6^[number of die rolls]), which is why testing the limits above Level 39 is difficult.)

Power Level Range Healed Average Healed
1-19 1-6 3.5
20-29 2-12 7
30-39 3-18 10.5
40-49 4-24 14
50-59 5-30 17.5
60-69 6-36 21
70-79 7-42 24.5
80-89 8-48 28
90-99 9-54 31.5
100 10-60* 35

*Values beyond this range have been reported

Historical Note

Before the upgrade in 2011, Restoration was weaker overall, and more effective outside of combat than in combat.

Combat Effect: "Hand of Healing" Even at the highest levels of Restoration, you could only heal up to about 20 SP.

Non-Combat Effect: The amount of Stamina restored was usually from (Mastery level)/10 (rounded DOWN) to (Mastery level)/2 (rounded UP), although values exceeding these were occasionally attested.

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