Terror From Below (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Graldok
Description: While speaking with a farmer at the bazaar you are surprised to learn that he and several others narrowly escaped the deadly jaws of several fierce thurn-worms that burrowed up through one of their fields late last evening.
Requirements: Completed Daggerspire
Difficulty: At most 9+ at MR 50, 110 SP

General InformationEdit

A short 'exterminator's quest' during another farm infestation...


Use your powers (or skills, for fewer (!) XP) when prompted by the available options, take matters into your own hands, instead of letting the army deal with them, and turn left in the passage in order to confront the beast head-on, for maximum XP rewards.



  • 16 XP to Elementalism / Fortification, or 8 XP to Archery, if used against Large Thurn-Worm
  • First encounter with Ancient Thurn-Worm (9+ at MR 46-50 Variable, 110 SP), It retreats after losing ~60% of its SP pool, therefore: no XP earned.
  • If you choose to let the Tysian army deal with it:
  • 32 General XP and end of the adventure
  • If you choose to pursue it:
  • 65-72 combat XP if you attack its head, taking the passage on the left Ancient Thurn-Worm (9+ at MR 50 Exact, 60 SP), can't FLEE.
  • 33-34 combat XP if you attack its tail, taking the passage on the right: Ancient Thurn-Worm (9+ at MR 37 Exact, 80 SP), can't FLEE.
Completion reward
  • 128 general XP after defeating it.

Listed in the Adventure Log as "The ancient thurn-worm".


  • Potentially, several specific XP rewards in the 8-16 range.
  • 33-72 combat XP
  • 128-160 General XP