Illiok the Brave (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Graldok, first visit to the bazaar
Description: On your way out of the Graldok Bazaar you encountered Illiok The Brave and a pair of his cohorts, who were spoiling for trouble and demanded that you apologize even though you had done nothing to provoke them.
Requirements: Daggerspire
Difficulty: 16+ at MR 70, 75 SP

Note: Unlocks Graldok's bazaar. Listed in Events.

General Information Edit

A short event, and a possible loose end for those who either avoid the fight or spare Illiok's life.

Tips Edit

You cannot die from losing the fight.

Prerequisites Edit


Walkthrough Edit

When you encounter the group, you have several options:

  • Apologize: End of encounter, cleared access to the Bazaar.
  • Teach him some manners: A fight (see below)
  • Refuse to apologize:
    • Leave at once: End of encounter, and possible loose end
    • Apologize: Same as if you've apologized at the first opportunity
    • Teach him a lesson: Same as if you've engaged them first time

He is a tough fight: Illiok the Brave (9+ at MR 85 Exact, 75 SP), and you probably won't have stats high enough early in the game to beat him (although judicious use of Blessing of Protections and Powers can give you the victory). However, you can't die in this fight, and whether you kill him, subdue him or get defeated, you won't see him again, so you can play straight through this encounter to clear your access to the lucrative Bazaar.

If you decide to kill Illiok and succeed, you get a nice ~64 XP reward for the encounter, and a bearded merchant named Jirott steps in and explains your self-defense to the guards who then lecture you for fighting but do not arrest you. If you decide to Subdue him, a street urchin warns you that you have now sealed your fate, and that Illiok has most likely already planned his revenge. If you flee from the fight, the encounter ends.

Any of your decisions in this mini-quest are recorded in the Adventurer's Log.

Rewards Edit

  • ~64-74 Combat XP
  • Access to Graldok's bazaar