The northwest section of the Kingdom of Tysa, also known as The Stonelands.

Charna Edit

Not yet playable. See Charna.

The Old North Wood Edit

Main article: Old North Wood

Adrimar's Cottage Edit

Main article: Adrimar's Cottage

The Stonehills Edit

This rugged stretch of Northwestern Tysa is bordered by the Old North Wood on the south and a vast expanse of farmlands and forest to the north.

The town of Deepwell Edit

Main article: Deepwell

Hirdzaw Bridge (AG) Edit

Main article: Hirdzaw Bridge

Kurthyl Rise Edit

Main article: Kurthyl Rise

The Ruined City of Tarn (AG)Edit

Main article: The Ruined City of Tarn

Non-Travel Locations Edit

These locations can only be accessed through specific quests.

Pirth-Starn Edit

A village in the midst of a forest known as Brotherwood. Parts of Proving Grounds V - The Silver Crest take place here.

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