Nevernal reserve (NV or NvR), refers to how many times your character can draw the mystical energy from the shadowy Neverness realm and shape it into spells. The higher your NV is, the more times you can use your powers before you have to rest. If you have 0 NV, you cannot use any powers in or outside combat.

Base NV Edit

Characters can have between 8 and 12 NV when they start. It is related to your base magic stats (Aura, Mind and Spirit). However, the final value can only be seen once you have entered the game.

A few of the Pre-Generated characters have a higher base NvR (up to 15) but this small advantage is not usually worthwhile (see Character Creation).

In short, make sure you start your game with 12 NV

Restoring NVEdit

The only way to restore your spent NV is to "Rest" in a SAFE location. You are also restored to full NV during some quests, like in the Hall of Seven Ghouls in Axepath Cemetery

Raising NVEdit

The most effective way to raise your NV is by wearing certain items. See Item Guide and NV Items for more details. There are a very small number of quests and special items which offer NV increases, too.

Permanent increases to base NV
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Special items and item enhancements which increase NV
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Temporary increases to base NV
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