Your Mind score is a measure of your character’s intelligence (and please remember this is different from the player’s intelligence!). It relates to how well your character will grasp new ideas, the speed of their thoughts, and if they're going to need to take off their socks to count to twenty.


While not checked as such, the Mind stat has a lot of effects on your character’s abilities throughout the game. Since outwitting your foe is a part of every battle, the mind stat is one of those stats that add bonuses or penalties to your melee rating at the start of the game. Mind is one of the basic stats involved with the learning and use of magical powers. Don't expect to be throwing bolts of lightning at your enemy or be able to match wits with a sorcerer if you're as thick as a brick. Mind therefore relates to the amount of time it'll take you to learn and improve your magical powers, as well as the number of times you may use them.

Affected skillsEdit

Arcana, Diplomacy, Lore, Unarmed Combat, Woodsmanship, all Powers.

Improving this StatEdit

See Altering Ability Stats for suggestions on improving your base Mind.

Mind, like other Stats, may be improved or degraded by wearing or using certain items. See Mind Items for more information.

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