Have you been to the gym lately? Might is the skill related to your physical strength, how much you can lift and carry, and how well you do when push really does come to shove! If you're planning on wrestling a troll, expect to get squashed without a high Might score.


Although not quite as frequently as for Agility, the game will still check your Might on a semi regular basis; after all, what do you do when something grabs you? Might also directly affects how much weight (encumbrance) you can carry, and like Agility, starting out with a high Might score will give you combat bonuses for being a hard hitter, where a low one will penalize you for being a weakling.

Affected skillsEdit

Weaponry, Weaponry sub-skills

Improving this StatEdit

See Altering Ability Stats for suggestions on improving your base Might.

Might, like other Stats, may be improved or degraded by wearing or using certain items. See Might Items for more information.

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