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The infernal bog known as Meglasmire stretches for nearly a mile both north and east from the patch of firmer terrain on which you now stand.

Sickly-looking tufts of yellow and brown grass rise up at the edge of the pools of mud that infest this quagmire, and every so often the back of a rock or a small rise of firmer ground juts above its quivering, sometimes bubbling surface.

In the middle of the bog, perhaps a half mile from here, sits a sizable island of rock and earth, covered with small patches of stunted trees.

Locations Edit

Cross to the islandEdit

 Meglasmire (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Meglasmire (near Tryndmoor)
Description: You investigate Meglasmire and discover what appears to be a tomb of some kind...
Difficulty: Requires a master level (70+) in any one of the following: Thievery, Elementalism, Necromancy or Telekinesis
  • Battle (9+ at MR 105 Exact, 225 SP SP), frequent ~15-28 SP special attack

This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.

Explore the perimeter Edit

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