Are you feelin' lucky, punk? If you are, it's probably because you made a good roll in this stat. Luck is the difference between having lots of good things randomly happen to you, and its reverse!

Uses Edit

Your Luck score can have effects on lots of the random events and factors in the game. A lucky character will also receive bonuses to his/her MR and SP, and so will be more effective in combat and survival. Being less lucky will have the opposite effect.

Combat EffectsEdit

In combat, characters with high Luck score will see less 1's and 2's in combat rolls than would be statistically expected (Lucky you!). Although there is no specific mention of this in the official Sryth documentation, it has been confirmed by GM emails with players.

Formal investigation Edit


Histogram of 2471 Combat Rolls with a 20 Luck

This was investigated using the results of 2,471 "Normal" combat rolls made by a character having an unmodified luck score of 20. Repeated 20s from the Quickstone were not included. A histogram of these results is attached.

About the histogram: The way to view this histogram is that we are trying to estimate the "true" probability to achieve each number 1,2,...,20 that would occur if we had an infinite number of rolls. Obviously we don't have an infinite number of rolls, we only have 2471, so there is a range of confidence of our estimates represented by the red error bars. These represent the range that the "true" probabilities are 95% likely to lie in. The result for a normal 20-sided die would look "flat" with each bar being at the 5% point on the horizontal axis. In other words, each number 1 through 20 should occur on average 1 out of 20 times.

The Results: Note in the histogram that the numbers 1 and 2 are significantly lower than the 5% point, which means these are indeed occuring less often. Note also, that the result for 10 happens almost 10% of the time. From these results, it appears that 1s and 2s have a chance of being replaced by a 10, rather than being rerolled. The results for rolls of 3, 4, and 5 are also a bit below the 5% line, but they are close enough that we can't say with any certainty whether they would rise to 5% if we had many more rolls. Note also that the average roll is 11.15 +/- 0.21, whereas the average "roll" for a d20 is 10.5. In short, don't think of rolling a normal d20, but think of rolling one that will give you lots of 10s and fewer 1s and 2s.

Affected skillsEdit

Archery, Lore, Thievery

Improving this StatEdit

See Altering Ability Stats for suggestions on improving your base Luck.

Luck, like other Stats, may be improved or degraded by wearing or using certain items. See Luck Items for more information.

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