The broken, shadowy Nevernal realm of Kyul-Thanor has long been the proving grounds for the disciples of Palk.

Once home to the Great Warrior Spirit, the realm has long since fallen into decay following the departure of its master, and is now home to a nightmarish legion of foul creatures from the vast depths of the Neverness.

It is not known why Palk abandoned the realm he created and long protected, and indeed only a small number of the Great Warrior Spirit's loyal subjects remain in the shadowy Nevernal realm.

These subjects, known as the Thanorians, are a race of grey-skinned humans who faithfully served Palk during his reign over Kyul-Thanor. Unable to leave the realm to which they're bound, the Thanorians, whose jet-black eyes bear no pupils, are engaged in a constant battle for their survival amidst the legions of evil that stalk the former realm of their master.

The town of Shadowedge, at the centre of Kyul-Thanor, is the last remaining Thanorian outpost in the realm. Protected by the magic of three ancient standing stones at its perimeter, the town survives against the unrelenting and merciless tide of evil that seeks its destruction.

This area is accessed through Talinus (see Lothren).

Palk Edit

Known as "The Great Warrior Spirit", scholars and sages have long debated the existence and nature of Palk, who some believe to be a lesser god that serves Srythak, the All-Father.

The most popular accounts of Palk place the Great Warrior Spirit as "The Wrath of The All-Father", a powerful, omnipotent being that carries out the wrath of the all-powerful god.

Although not worshipped directly by any large group, many warriors will wear charms or bear arms and equipment that have been inscribed with Palk's symbol - a clenched fist raised skyward.

"Palk's Prayer" is often uttered by warriors before entering battle and is spoken as follows:

"Under the eyes of the All-Father, may the Great Warrior Spirit grant me swift and just victory. Though my shield be cloven and my body pierced, may my spirit endure, that I shall prevail."

Quests in Shadowedge Edit

 The Missing Standing Stone Jewel (AG) Informal Adventure
Location: Kyul-Thanor (from Talinus)
Description:  Crynn Takam has tasked you with retrieving the magic jewel that was stolen from one of the standing stones that protect Shadowedge. The jewel was taken by a mysterious skeletal being into a cave in the forest north of town. You are to enter its presumed lair and retrieve the jewel.
Requirements: Lothren
Saga: Kyul-Thanor
Difficulty: Hardest enemies are 9+ to hit with MR 50, with just 1 with 11+ at MR 50. No random encounters.

 Ban-Drir (AG) Informal Adventure
Location: Yilea the weaponsmith, in Kyul-Thanor
Description: You must discover the fate of Ban-Drir, the Thanorian armoursmith, and (if possible) return him safely to Shadowedge. It is believed that he may be somewhere within a cave just inside the edge of the forest.
Requirements: The Missing Standing Stone Jewel
Saga: Kyul-Thanor
Difficulty: 6+ at MR 47, with an optional battle 9+ at MR ~56

Note: logged Adventure
 Memaro's Scouts (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: The Watchtower in Kyul-Thanor
Description: Patrol with the scouts in Shadowedge
Requirements: Ban-Drir
Difficulty: 9+ @ MR 30ish

Note: Appears in Adventure Log under Events.
 The Return of Ironfist (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Kyul-Thanor (from Talinus)
Description: Out of the primeval forest that surrounds Shadowedge stalks the towering, age-old terror known as Ironfist, his cruel mind bent on the Destruction of the last Thanorian refuge...
Requirements: Memaro's Scouts
Difficulty: All opponents 3+ at MR 66 with 45-57 SP, except an optional fight (8+ at MR 66, 4+ at MR 75, 85 SP).