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The Village of Kolnia

The village of Kolnia is little more than a cluster of small wooden buildings in the middle of a sizeable forest clearing. The villagers are mostly woodcutters, who cut timber that is then hauled to the markets in Talinus and Graldok. An inn and a ramshackle tavern are the two largest buildings in the entire village.

Spoiler Information
After The Razing of Kolnia, the description reads: Only a broad, blackened patch of ground, littered with heaps of charred timber, remains to mark the forest clearing where the village of Kolnia stood. Those who escaped the swift and savage attack of the Oakaruk fled north and west into the nearby hills, settling into other towns and villages, never again to return to the place they long called home.

Locations Edit

Muggrin's Inn Edit

Note: No longer in the game

An old man called Phee owns the establishment. It costs one gold coin to stay the night, and it heals 8 SP.

The Broken Hole Edit

This is a dilapidated and disused tavern, which has nothing but broken chairs and tables.

Peddler Edit

A middle-aged man called Surrin keeps his items on a table just outside the inn. He has some items you can buy (only the dice can be bought more than once).

List of Surrin's items
 Item 82: Purple Feather Value: 1 gold Misc 

Encumbrance: 1
This large purple feather is, well, large. And it's also very, very purple.
 Item 83: Iron Cloverleaf Value: 1 gold Misc 

Encumbrance: 2
This strange item is an exact replica of a cloverleaf cast out of iron. For its size it's fairly heavy.
 Item 84: Large Black Hat (Common) Value: 1 gold Armour, Head 

Encumbrance: 2
This tall, wide-brimmmed black hat looks like something a witch might wear. It doesn't look like a very good piece of armour.
 Item 85: Bright Green Jacket (Common) Value: 2 gold Armour, Torso 

Encumbrance: 3
Although this jacket doesn't provide much in the way of protection, it sure is stylish...I mean, it's probably stylish...somewhere...
 Item 86: Rusty Longsword (Poor) Value: 16 gold Weapon, Slashing 

Encumbrance: 8
Melee Rating: -2
This longsword has seen better days. Its blade is extremely rusted. You can barely make out the letter 'M' etched into the base of the blade. This weapon is of poor quality.
 Item 87: Set Of Stone Dice Value: 1 gold Misc 

Encumbrance: 1
This set of dice has obviously seen a lot of use.
 Item 88: A Jarix Stone Value: 100 gold Misc 

Encumbrance: 2
This magical gemstone, when used in conjunction with a Jarix Obelisk, can teleport you great distances.

Spoiler Information
None of them has any known use except the "rusty longsword", also known as The Sword of Merzekk

Adventures for This Location Edit

 7 Goblins - Part IV - An Unlikely Captive (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Village of Kolnia.
Description: The attack on a wagon caravan south of Kolnia draws you into a perilous attempt to rescue a most unlikely captive...
Requirements: 7 Goblins - Part III - Tarungar the Axe
Saga: 7 Goblins
Difficulty: Most difficult combats is 9+ at MR 105. Having Fortification or Telekinesis at 70+ would be beneficial, but isn't vital.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

 The Razing of Kolnia (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Begins in Hawklor, but most of the adventure happens in Kolnia
Description: Smoke rises from the village of Kolnia...
Saga: March of the Oakaruk
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: After completing the requirements, this adventure happens automatically when entering Kolnia

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