Item 1616: Bat-Emblazoned Battlestaff (Magical) Weapon, Staff 

AT Cost: 420  Adventurer Tokens
Encumbrance: 8
PowerSwarm of Bats
Melee Rating: +35, and +5 extra vs. Undead
Stamina Points: +4
Nevernal Reserve: +4
Mind: +2
Requires 2 hands
Requires 75 Weaponry
Requires 75 Weaponry: Staves
This long, black, wooden staff is adorned in three spots along its thick haft with silver-emblazoned silhouettes that depict a broad-winged bat in flight.
Protruding from the tip of this magnificent staff is a sharp talon, crafted entirely out of ravenbone.
This weapon is of magical quality.

Obtained atEdit

Tallys Limited Time Item: Available Saturday, October 24 to Sunday, November 15 2009.

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