Item 1350: Axe Of Farsight (Magical) Weapon, Hacking 

Encumbrance: 4
PowerSudden Strike
Melee Rating: +24
Nevernal Reserve: +2
Luck: +2
Requires 2 hands
Requires 20 Mind
Requires 20 Aura
Requires 20 Spirit
Requires 50 Lore
Requires 50 Arcana
This grand weapon was once the prize possession of warrior lord from the realm of Hadrigon. Enchanted long ago by a powerful sorcerer, this weapon gives its wielder advance insight into the tactics of his or her foes, making it an invaluable instrument of battle. Once upon a time, this was Tallys's axe of choice.
Please Note: An additional +1 is added to this axe's MR bonus for every 10 levels of mastery you possess in the power of Divination.
This axe is not among the items available in his trading post. This weapon is of magical quality.

Obtained atEdit

Prize in Blades of Legend Raffle.

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