Going well with the thievery skill and the life of a rogue, possessing the power of Illusion will let a character create lifelike images or sounds to baffle and confuse.


Though you might not think so, Illusion is a sphere with hundreds of possible applications, drawing a guards attention away with a will-o’-the-wisp for them to chase or scaring off a dull witted enemy with the image of a terrifying monster are just a couple of examples.

Combat EffectsEdit

Illusion effects cannot be resisted.

Mirror ImageEdit

Illusion's Instant Effect is called Mirror Image. When it's cast successfully, the combat screen will say:

  • You cleverly craft (see chart) mirror images of yourself...

This will give you a chance to dodge your foe's attack, which will result in either:

  • Your enemy targets one of your mirror images...


  • Your enemy targets the true you...

Sometimes you will also get a bonus to your roll:

  • +(see chart) adjustment to your combat roll.

Then you make your attack.

Effects by Level
Illusion LevelImagesRoll Bonus

Summon IllusionEdit

Illusion's Sustained Effect is Summon Illusion. The illusion will have one of three effects: act as a Mirror Image, increase your MR, or increase your combat roll.

When you cast it, you will get this message:

  • You summon a lifelike illusion...

On following rounds you will get this message:

  • Your summoned illusion engages your foe...

If it acts as Mirror Image, you will get one of these messages:

  • Your enemy targets your summoned illusion...
  • Your enemy targets you...

If it gives you a bonus to MR:

  • +(see chart) to your Melee Rating this round.

If it gives you a bonus to your roll:

  • +(see chart) adjustment to your combat roll.

You will continue to attack alongside your illusion.

Effects by Level
Illusion LevelMR Bonus*Roll Bonus*

*Results of testing. Other values may be possible.

How to Get It Edit

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Historical EffectEdit

This was the effect of Illusion before powers were enhanced in 2012.

Battle DescriptionEdit

The description of this power varies with its level:

Level Description
1-9 An illusionary tarn-rat appears and gnaws at your foe...
10-19 An illusionary wolf appears and lunges at your foe...
20-29 An illusionary swordsman appears and slashes at your foe...
30-39 An illusionary brown bear appears and mauls your enemy...
40-49 An illusionary ogre appears and clubs your foe...
50-59 An illusionary forest troll appears and savagely attacks your foe...
60-69 A massive illusionary serpent appears and strikes at your foe
70-79 An illusionary horntail boar charges into view and attacks your foe...
80-89 An illusionary mountain giant stomps into view and swats at your foe...
90-99 An illusionary dusk dragon stalks forth and attacks your foe...
100 With a tremendous screech a massive illusionary griffon appears and viciously attacks your foe...

Irrespective of level, when against illusionary foes, the description is:

You use your power of Illusion to attempt to dispell your illusionary foe.

Damage ChartEdit

Level Damage
1-9 1-4
10-19 unknown
20-29 3-12
30-39 5-13
40-49 5-18
50-59 6-12
60-69 7-14
70-79 unknown
80-89 unknown
90-99 unknown
100 unknown

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