The world of Sryth is very similar to our own, but unfortunately no Srythian engineer has yet discovered the power of steam, let alone internal combustion! This means that the main mode of transportation around Sryth is of the four-footed kind. The skill of Horsemanship will allow your character to ride and control a variety of steeds and fight in the saddle without falling on their behind!

Uses Edit

So far, there have been few checks of Horsemanship throughout the game. You can buy one or more horses from Garsmyn the Horse Trader in Thanevale, and you can win a horse in the jousting contest on Saarngard Isle. The higher your Horsemanship skill, the lower the cost of tending your horse when it gets fatigued.

(See Mounts for more details on horse care, and Travel for their use.)

How to get Edit

See also: How to get more skills.

Related stats Edit

Agility, Body

Historical note Edit

The boy in the Hawklor stable has been promising that they might get a horse for several years, well before horses were even implemented, and is a classic loose end

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