"Grinding" is the process of repeating several actions and scenarios in order to get experience, items and gold.

On many replayable scenarios, after each enemy is defeated, you can receive some random loot items. These items can be useful on itself (especially for the aspiring adventurer) but almost always are just regarded as gold sources (see Item Selling Guide for how to best cashing them in.)

This is an option available since practically the beginning of the game, whenever you need some more EXP to achieve certain required level (visit the XP Calculator to see how much EXP you need for a given level) or acquiring some Power from the Grey Circle. It is also an option for a quick gaming session, and to keep active when you have completed all available adventures in the game. The vast array of available options make for an almost endless task to complete them all. Many of them have timers.

Repeatable sources of Experience Edit

Replayable Scenarios
Single-player Cloven Shield Cave ·The Jadefang Lair · The Ruined City of Tarn · A Dark Pool of Muck · The Ruins of Yir-Tanon · Sword Island · Axepath Cemetery · The Hall of Ruin · Shadowglen · The Bandits of Blue Moss Cave · The Bat Cave · The Cave of the Ice Troll · The Crimson-Helmed Rider · The Bone Horde Challenge · The Lords of Ogredom · Residence Upgrades · Stormshelter Cave · Overlook Nook
Exploration Explore the realms at random · The Old North Wood · The Seacliffs · The Ruins Below Phak-Rur · Fogbough Outer Wood · Trithik Random Encounters · Fang Ridge · Thorn Isle · The Griffon Crags · Bentlimb Wood · Tarkhald Crypt
Multiplayer Talderus Redborn · Ulgror · The Pumpkin Beast · Xarakk · Ildraria

Single Player Replayable ScenariosEdit

Multiplayer Replayable ScenariosEdit

Multiplayer battles that reset randomly each 3 to 8 hours after the end of the previous one. EXP rewards are given for participation (visit any location with a blue door 5–10 minutes after battle) and for scoring the killing blow.


Rewards you can get Edit


Refer to the Item Selling Guide for instructions on how to cash in the items you'll get while grinding. Also you can get some (mostly small) quantities of gold after the battles.

Battle Markers

While less important than gold or XP, Battle Markers are also a useful commodity. Some scenarios give them as rewards, and there's always the chance of finding Aldvarian Artifacts as loot.


Gold is plentiful, except at the beginning of the game. After a certain point, only the residence upgrades will be a viable gold sink. But you will always need more XP.

The amount of XP you can get from regular adventures is limited, by definition. It's hard to impossible to gauge how much is that amount, because some of the XP rewards go to "All Skills and Powers", hence specific XP, and other (the most) go to General EXP, so the total amount of EXP varies depending how you intend to spend it. Also you can get a 10% EXP bonus if you get a Quickstone, which is also the best known method of keeping track of aggregated XP amount (for up to 90 days). The Quickstone also takes into account the XP won to specific powers and gives the corresponding 10% bonus, but in general XP. That way, you can reach great amounts of XP bonus.

The amount of XP needed to "max out" a character (reaching Legendary (100) in ALL currently available skills and powers) is astronomical, and so far only a few players have achieved it (the first one being Hav0c, reported 9/24/2009)

Exploring the realms at random can be a rewarding source of EXP, specially if you find some mini-scenarios on your way, like crypts and nests. This is more appropriate at the beginning of the game, since when your MR is 90+ almost all of the enemies you find are 3+ to hit, and thus they give very little EXP.

The possible random final rewards for completion of the basic replayable scenarios are:

Ice Troll Yir-Tanon Jadefang Axepath Seven Ghouls

Check for the rewards for CHR and multiplayers on their own pages, since the method for calculations is complex in either case.