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The City of Graldok

Graldok is one of the most heavily-fortified cities in all of the North Broadlands. It is here that most of Tysa's standing army resides in times of peace. The city is surrounded by lush farmland, although nearly a quarter of it has been claimed for use as "proving fields" for the army.

Graldok is called the "Gateway to The South" for the city has long defended the southern regions of the kingdom, and guarded one of the few convenient ways into Tysa -- Raelep Pass.

Locations Edit

Thane Marindol Edit

After the Daggerspire quest, he is always willing to talk to you.

The Bazaar Edit

Before completing Daggerspire, it's locked. After completing Daggerspire, upon first entering the marketplace, you'll have an unpleasant encounter.

 Illiok the Brave (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Graldok, first visit to the bazaar
Description: On your way out of the Graldok Bazaar you encountered Illiok The Brave and a pair of his cohorts, who were spoiling for trouble and demanded that you apologize even though you had done nothing to provoke them.
Requirements: Daggerspire
Difficulty: 16+ at MR 70, 75 SP

Note: Unlocks Graldok's bazaar. Listed in Events.

See Item Selling Guide for instructions about the shops available in the bazaar. You can also compare with Bryniver for unique items, and Gryphook's and Mezaryl for more expensive items.

Adventures for This Location Edit

 Daggerspire (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Graldok
Description: The heavily-fortified city of Graldok lies helpless in the throes of a recurring series of powerful and crippling dust storms that have raged for nearly a month. You have bravely offered your services to the city's steward, Thane Marindol, who is eager to accept the help of a bold and experienced adventurer...
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 58, recommended SP: 60+

Note: There is a possibility to affect your powers
 Terror From Below (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Graldok
Description: While speaking with a farmer at the bazaar you are surprised to learn that he and several others narrowly escaped the deadly jaws of several fierce thurn-worms that burrowed up through one of their fields late last evening.
Requirements: Completed Daggerspire
Difficulty: At most 9+ at MR 50, 110 SP

 Mossy Marauder (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Graldok
Description: He stands in the middle of the bridge, gripping the mossy haft of a fearsome, double-bladed axe...
Requirements: Completed Daggerspire
Difficulty: 12+ to 13+ Scaled depending on choices
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: An Oakenstone Mask Inspired Adventure. Written by V.W.K.

Nearby Locations Edit

Daggerspire Edit

Only available during the quest of the same name.

Main article: Daggerspire

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