Gating won't be much help to you in warding off danger, but it might help you avoid it. The character skilled in this sphere can teleport themselves around at will, maybe even going to other regions inaccessible to the unskilled.


Since Gating is the sphere most concerned with portals and passages, if you ever encounter a gateway to the unpleasant shadowy realm of the Neverness, Gating (at high enough level) will make short work of closing it.

Though it should theoretically be possible, the ability to use Gating for travel has never been implemented.

Combat EffectsEdit

Gating effects cannot be resisted.

Phase GateEdit

Gating's Instant Effect is called Phase Gate. When it's cast successfully, the combat screen will say:

  • You gate yourself directly into your enemy's blind spot...

Sometimes you will also get a bonus to your roll:

  • +(see chart) adjustment to your combat roll.

Then you make your attack.

Effects by Level
Gating LevelRoll Bonus

Summon EntityEdit

Gating's Sustained Effect is Summon Entity. When you cast it, you will get this message:

  • You summon a (Entity Summoned)

On following rounds you will get a version of this message:

  • The (Entity Summoned) (mercilessly/savagely/relentlessly) (attacks/assails) your foe...

The entity will either distract your foe, giving you a bonus to MR:

  • +(see chart) to your Melee Rating this round.

OR the entity will damage your foe:

  • The (Entity Summoned) decimates your enemy...

You will continue to attack alongside your entity.

The entity summoned may be a Nevernal Entity or a Demon, of various strengths. It is possible to summon any type of entity at any level of Gating. The damage inflicted by the entities seems to be primarily influenced by your level of Gating, but the MR bonus seems to be affected both by the strength of the entity and by your level of Gating. This mechanic is not well understood.

Damage by Level
Gating LevelDamage*

*Results of testing. Other values may be possible.

MR Bonus by Level and Type
10-191-44-86-87-14 13-27 23-29
70-795-115-137-157-1816-2119-2719-28 23-38

*Results of testing. Other values may be possible.

  • LNE = Lesser Nevernal Entity
  • NE = Nevernal Entity
  • GNE = Greater Nevernal Entity
  • LD = Lesser Demon
  • D = Demon
  • GD = Greater Demon
  • DL = Demon Lord
  • DO = Demon Overlord
  • DP = Demon Prince

How to Get ItEdit

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Historical Effect Edit

Battle DescriptionEdit

The description of this power varies with its level:

Level Description
1-9 A shadowy, vaguely humanoid shape wielding a long, curved blade steps through the gate and attacks your enemy...
10-19 A Lesser Nevernal Entity steps through the gate and hisses loudly. The red-scaled humanoid leaps forward and attacks your enemy...
20-29 A Greater Nevernal Entity steps through the gate and bellows ferociously. The green-skinned humanoid leaps forward and assails your foe...
30-39 The flap of leathery wings precedes the arrival of a Lesser Demon through the gate. The demon snarls, revealing a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth before hurtling forward to attack your enemy...
40-49 The flap of leathery wings precedes the arrival of a Greater Demon through the gate. The demon snarls and hurtles towards your foe, its razor-sharp claws poised to strike...
50-59 A vicious snarl signals the arrival of a Lesser Horned Demon through the gate. The hiddeous horned menace lowers its head and rushes forward to gore your enemy...
60-69 A vicious snarl signals the arrival of a Greater Horned Demon through the gate. The three-horned abomination charges forward to gore your foe...
70-79 The smell of decay fills the air as a Demon Lord from the Rotting Realm steps through the gate and eyes your enemy with malice. The Demon Lord leaps forward and tears at your foe without mercy...
80-89 Ghastly cries of anguish and despair fill the air as a Demon Lord from the Pit of Tarrvyth steps through the gate. The Demon Lord cackles before unleashing a bolt of black fire at your enemy...
90-99 Strange whispering, intermingled with the rattling of bones, fills the air as a tall, robed, long-legged insect steps forth from the gate. The robed insect extends its single-clawed hand and a powerful wave of Nevernal energy washes over your foe...
100 A hulking sore-riddled mound of putrid, melting flesh emerges from the open gate. You are in the presence of a Demon King of the Lower Nevernal Wastes. The Demon King roars with fury and moves forward to attack your foe...

Damage ChartEdit

Keep in mind that these are observed values. It is very likely (in fact, assumed) that the minimum damage for lower levels is lower than that of higher levels (and the maximums for higher levels are higher). But we don't have the data to back up that natural conclusion.

Level Damage
1-9 unknown
10-19 unknown
20-29 4-15
30-39 7-21
40-49 8-27
50-59 6-34
60-69 12-24*
70-79 7-54
80-89 21-62
90-99 29-69
100 unknown

* - Data collected before Gating received a buff (and therefore possibly (and likely) outdated information).

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