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Garsmyn the Horse Trader

In the midst of a long stretch of rolling meadows, nestled between two arms of thick forest at the northern edge of Thanevale lies the farm of Garsmyn, whose reputation as the Kingdom's greatest breeder and trainer of horses is both widely-known and well-earned.

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Three kinds of horses are available from Garsmyn: palfreys, coursers, and chargers. Each of them costs 6,000 gold. If you have 30 or higher in Diplomacy you will automatically haggle the price down to 5,000 gold.

Spoiler Information
Before you buy a horse from Garsmyn, remember that you will acquire an even better mount for FREE on Saarngard Isle.

The differences between these horses are:

Type Speed Endurance Description
Palfrey 5 / 5 3 / 5 These swift, sure-footed steeds move with a long, smooth gait that allows them to cover great distances quickly. While not as rugged as the larger war horse breeds, they are a favourite horse among huntsmen and nobility.
Courser 4 / 5 4 / 5 These horses, favoured for battle due to their speed and agility, fall somewhere between a riding horse and a charger.
Charger 3 / 5 5 / 5 These tall, heavy horses, also commonly known as destriers, are well-suited for the battlefield. While not as swift as some of the lighter horse varieties, their endurance is legendary. These are normally the horses used in jousts

Since currently the only implemented mechanic is the Endurance, you should always buy a Charger. That way your maintenance costs will be reduced.

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