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The Village of Elm Gnoll

The village of Elm Gnoll, on the southern edge of the Hart Hills, has been deserted for the better part of a century, following its destruction at the hands of Runeskin.


Explore the village Edit

When you first arrive, you can encounter a madman in a hut here.

Spoiler Information
What he says points to how you can gain Shadow Magic by using the runes in A Dark Chapter Closes.

Explore the forest Edit

There is a stone idol here. Related to A Dark Chapter Closes and A Prince Uncrowned.

Adventures for This Location Edit

 A Prince Uncrowned (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Elm Gnoll
Description: It's been nearly a hundred years to the day since HE last departed Elm Gnoll...
Requirements: A Dark Chapter Closes
Saga: Runeskin
Difficulty: none

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