The four elements are earth, fire, wind and water, and a user of this sphere will have control over them all (though how much depends on his/her level).


Elementalism may do various unpleasant things to your enemies, up to and including the traditional lightning bolts and fireballs that are the hallmarks of magic. But this is more than a simple kill the baddies sphere, since it has a great number of other uses. A mage onboard a ship may speed the voyage with a magical wind, or calm a storm that threatens the vessel.

Combat EffectsEdit

Elementalism effects cannot be resisted.

Elemental FuryEdit

Elementalism's Instant Effect is called Elemental Fury. It blasts your foes with an elemental attack, which will damage and possibly stun them.

When it's cast successfully, the combat screen will give one of these descriptions:

  • A deadly cyclone of stone and earth surges at your foe
  • A raging, crimson inferno takes form and swiftly envelops your foe
  • A howling ice storm descends upon your enemy

If you get the stunning effect, you will see this message:

  • Your fearsome elemental attack has momentarily stunned your foe.

This replaces your normal attack.

Effects by Level
Elem. LevelRange*Average^

*Results of testing. Other values may be possible.
^Averages are based on 100 data points and rounded to the nearest .5.

Summon ElementalEdit

Elementalism's Sustained Effect is Summon Elemental. When you cast it, you will get this message:

  • You summon (a/an) (Elemental Summoned)

On following rounds you will get a version of this message:

  • The (Elemental Summoned) (mercilessly/savagely/relentlessly) (attacks/assails) your foe...

The elemental distracts your foe, giving you a bonus to MR:

  • +(see chart) to your Melee Rating this round.

There is a chance that the elemental will also damage your foe:

  • Your elemental mauls your enemy...

You will continue to attack alongside your elemental.

The elemental summoned may be Lesser, Average (unlabeled), Greater, or a Lord, and of any element. It is possible to summon any type of elemental at any level of Elementalism. The damage done by elementals seems to fall in the range of 2-12 regardless of your level or the strength of the elemental. The MR bonus seems to be affected by BOTH the strength of the elemental and by your level of Elementalism.

MR Bonus by Level and Type
Elem. LevelLesser*Average*Greater*Lord*Damage
1-192-8 (2d4)3-12 (3d4)7-127-1912 (rare)
70-795-15 (4d4)5-20 (5d4)8-2114-27
80-89 5-15 9-17 13-28 6-12

*The numbers given are the results of testing. The value in parentheses is the dice roll which most closely matches the results of testing.

How to Get It Edit

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Historical Effects Edit

Effects of Elementalism prior to 2012

Battle DescriptionEdit

The description of this power varies with its level:

Level Description
1-9 The air around your enemy condenses into a noxious white vapour...
10-19 A shower of burning rain pours onto your foe...
20-29 An arctic wind, full of tiny ice needles, surges at your foe...
30-39 A bolt of blue flame explodes from your fingertips and smashes into your enemy...
40-49 A sandstorm descends upon your foe, tearing flesh from bone...
50-59 Blue lightning erupts from your fingertips and strikes your foe...
60-69 A powerful air elemental appears and assails your enemy...
70-79 A powerful water elemental appears and attacks your foe...
80-89 A powerful fire elemental appears and attacks your enemy...
90-99 A powerful earth elemental appears and assails your foe...
100 A legion of powerful elementals (earth, air, water, and fire) appears and attacks your enemy...

Damage ChartEdit

When using a power there is a chance it will fizzle, i.e do nothing, but also no NP is spent. Often you will not be able to act the next round either but with high stats for body and spirit this may be avoided. Therefore when in the table it says including fizzle only one round is counted, you will have to determine how often you can expect to avoid losing the second round based on your body and spirit scores.

Level Damage Average Average including fizzle
1-9 unknown unknown unknown
10-19 2-10 unknown unknown
20-29 unknown unknown unknown
30-39 5-17 unknown unknown
40-49 8-20 unknown unknown
50-59 11-20 unknown unknown
60-69 7-35 21.24 20.46
70-79 8-40 25.13 24.38
80-89 unknown unknown unknown
90-99 unknown unknown unknown
100 unknown unknown unknown

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