The eastern section of the Kingdom of Tysa, also known as Eastmarch.

Dragonmere Deep Edit

The sprawling swamp known for ages as Dragonmere Deep is home to both wild beauty and unspeakable peril. Even the boldest of adventurers choose to avoid this treacherous bog.

Copper Hilt Lodge Edit

Main article: Copper Hilt Lodge

Greywarren Edit

This remote corner of Eastern Tysa is a largely untamed region of hilly evergreen forests snug against the foothills of the Alspuin Mountains.

There are a few scattered settlements throughout Greywarren.

The village of Warfoot Edit

Main article: Warfoot

The Withering Wood Edit

The dead, leafless trees of this once lush forest have stood for a thousand years following the strange plague that beset them. Like Fogbough and the Old North Wood, there are many who consider this undying forest in Eastern Tysa a dark, cursed place.

Dor-Droat Edit

Main article: Dor-Droat

Trollneck Edit

Main article: Trollneck

Phernwin Wood (AG) Edit

This small woodland is home to an outpost of border rangers who patrol a large portion of Tysa's eastern frontier.

The Border Ranger Compound (AG) Edit

Main article: The Border Ranger Compound

Non-Travel Locations Edit

These locations can only be accessed during specific adventures.

Harkenryn Edit

Setting of Harkenryn.

Millbend Edit

Setting of Disorder in Millbend.

Overleaf Edit

A small collection of shacks about four hours' travel from Harkenryn.

Stonegate Edit

Setting of Proving Grounds III.

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