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The Village of Durnsig

Durnsig is a small village, typical of most settlements in western Tysa. There are only a handful of buildings at the centre of the village, although a few small groupings of homes lie on the outskirts.

Locations Edit

The Durnsig Market Edit

Here you can buy and sell all kind of items (see Item Selling Guide for details). But most importantly, you can buy a dwelling for 50 gold (or 35, if you bargain with him). This dwelling is a SAFE place, and you can leave your items (up to a maximum of 100 items, in theory, but currently the limit is not implemented so you can store whatever you want) here.

Historical note

In old times you could store your gold here (see Old Quests for reasons to do it). This feature was removed when the gold cap system was enacted.

The Church Edit

There is nothing special here

The Singing Fool Tavern Edit

The tavern keeper is old and can neither speak nor hear, so you cannot converse with him. You can choose to play cards, or to order some food and drink for 1 gold.

 Barn Infestation Informal Adventure

Location: The Singing Fool in Durnsig
Description: You meet Jebron in the tavern, who asks you to help his brother deal with a nasty tarnrat infestation.
Requirements: Buy stew & ale at the tavern (1 gold, which is returned to you once you accept the quest)
Difficulty: 9+ @ MR 29

The woodlands west of the village Edit

 The Seven Knight Statues Informal Adventure

Location: Durnsig
Description: Free the spirits of the departed knights, and learn to always temper anger with compassion.
Requirements: None
Difficulty: 12+ scaled

Irzynn's cottage (AG) Edit

This place is only accessible to AG members. You can equip here with the powerful items Goblindoom and Adventurer's Ring, and learn about the location of Tarkhald Crypt (on your second visit).

Tarlaro (AG) Edit

Main article: Tarlaro

Tarlaro is is a young, silver-haired woman described as an "arcanist" or "elementalist", who seems to be skilled in making elixirs. She was linked to the first of the Battle Marker Raffles, and occasionally sells some powerful elixirs in exchange for AT

Should you find Tarlaro, you are advised to take the chance of buying one of her elixirs, since their availability is very limited.

Nearby Locations Edit

Tarkhald Crypt Edit

Main article: Tarkhald Crypt

Adventures for This Location Edit

 A Haunting in Durnsig (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Durnsig
Description: It's always been rumoured that the forest east of Durnsig is haunted -- long ago cursed by an evil warlock now many centuries deceased. And let's face it, the sudden appearance of an impossibly large and tangled pumpkin patch on the edge of the wood isn't helping its reputation any...
Requirements: None
Difficulty: All enemies are 3+ at MR 63

This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
 Creeping Death (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Durnsig
Description: You quickly discern that the scant reports filtering into Durnsig from the nearby village of Quarrek are enough to warrant an immediate visit to the small hamlet...
Requirements: The Caves of Westwold
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 81. MR 90+ recommended.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

 An Unwelcome Encroachment (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Durnsig
Description: In the thick of the wood, at the top of a broad, gradual slope, you catch your first glimpse of the small encampment described by Tomdrun...
Requirements: A Rough Night in the Stoneback
Difficulty: none or 9@50

 The Black Philter Formal Adventure?

Location: Durnsig
Description: Immediately realizing the danger she's in, it takes you only a split second to leap into action...
Requirements: none

Note: Scalable

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