This is a sphere of Nevernal energy concerned with the mind and its workings. Not only will the skilled diviner be able to foresee a threat, or feel a premonition, but also mentally intrude upon another's thoughts and feelings.


There are various points in the game where a use of divination will yield up valuable information about a situation or its surroundings. Divination is checked often, though the experience rewards are usually low and the information obtained is not always useful.

Combat EffectsEdit

Both Divination effects can be resisted.

Melee ScryEdit

Divination's Instant Effect is called Melee Scry. It allows you to avoid your foe's attack and at the same time provides a bonus to MR.

When it's cast successfully, the combat screen will give this description:

  • You channel your powers of divination to foresee and dodge your foe's attack
  • +(see chart) to your Melee Rating this round.

Then you will attack as normal.

Sword of ThoughtEdit

Divination's Sustained Effect is called Sword of Thought. While it's active, you will see this description:

  • You tear into your enemy's mind with a powerful telepathic attack [... paralyzing your foe!]

Randomly each round, this will either paralyze your foe (optional text above) OR provide a bonus to MR:

  • +(see chart) to your Melee Rating this round.

You will continue to attack normally.

The MR bonus range is the same for both effects:

Effects by Level
Div. LevelMR Bonus*
1-391-6 (1d6)

*The numbers given are the results of testing. The value in parentheses is the dice roll which most closely matches the results of testing.

How to Get It Edit

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Historical Effects Edit

These were the effects of Divination before powers were enhanced in 2012.

Battle description textEdit

The description of this power is independent of its level:

Your use of Divination gives you insight into your foe's next move. Your enemy has lost X from their Melee Rating for next X round(s)!


Level Rounds MR reduction
1-9 unknown unknown
10-19 unknown unknown
20-29 1-4 2-4
30-39 1-4 3-5
40-49 1-4 3-6
50-59 1-4 4-7
60-69 2-5 4-8
70-79 2-5 5-9
80-89 2-6 5-10
90-99 unknown unknown
100 unknown unknown
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