Boom! The player skilled in this sphere can channel negative Nevernal energy to violently dispose of things and people around them.


Destruction is one of the most (if not the most) damaging combat powers. However, be mindful of the fact that it can be resisted, leading to wasted NV points; hence, it's an unreliable offensive power. Excellent against normal enemies, may be much worse again power-resisting foes.

If you're not a subscribing (paying) member of AG and are therefore are limited to possessing at most three (3) powers, you should carefully weigh if this should be one of them. Good alternative candidates would include Restoration, Gating, Necromancy, Elementalism, Telekinesis (for its frequent scripted uses), etc. Be forewarned and "do your research" - or feel free to experiment, by all means.

Combat EffectsEdit

Both Destruction effects can be resisted.

Nevernal Energy BlastEdit

Destruction's Instant Effect is called Nevernal Energy Blast. When it's cast successfully, the combat screen will give one of the following descriptions:

  • You assail your foe with a deadly blast of negative Nevernal energy
  • You unleash a powerful blast of negative Nevernal energy at your foe

This will replace your normal attack.

Effects by Level
Dest. LevelDamage*

*Results of testing. Other values may be possible.

Sustained DecayEdit

Destruction's Sustained Effect is called Sustained Decay. While it's active, you will see this description:

  • Your power of destruction causes your foe to decay

After the first round, you will continue to attack your foe physically as well.

Effects by Level
Dest. LevelDamage*

*Results of testing. Other values may be possible.

How to Get It Edit

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Historical Effects Edit

Effects of Destruction prior to 2012

The description of this power varies with its level:

1-9 A wave of negative Nevernal energy pulses forth from your fingertips and washes over your enemy
10-19 Your arms twitch as a wave of negative Nevernal energy streams forth from your outstetched hands and hurtles towards your foe
20-29 A sharp pain shoots the length of your spine as you unleash a wave of negative Nevernal energy upon your enemy
30-39 You summon the destructive powers of the Neverness to assail your foe
40-49 A powerful field of negative energy leaps from the tips of your fingers and envelops your enemy
50-59 Your entire body shudders as a powerful wave of negative Nevernal energy surges through you and washes over your enemy
60-69 Your eyes roll to the back of your head as a dark force you can barely control seeps forth from your fingertips to devastate your foe
70-79 You smile with grim satisfaction as a relentless stream of negative Nevernal energy pours through your body and attacks your enemy
80-89 A distant rumble reaches your ears and you're nearly forced to your knees as a powerful flow of negative energy surges forth from your body
90-99 You clench your teeth to keep from crying out in pain as a raging sea of negative Nevernal energy explodes from your body
100 You sink to your knees and your vision blurs as you unleash a surge of negative Nevernal energy beyond the skill of any mortal of this world
Level Damage range Avg Dmg
1-9 unknown
10-19 3-12
20-29 unknown
30-39 unknown
40-49 5-29
50-59 6-36
60-69 8-42
70-79 11-53 28.2
80-89 17-54 33.15
90-99 27-97
100 38-118 77

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