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The small town of Deepwell sits on the southernmost edge of the Stonehills in Northwest Tysa. Most of Deepwell's citizenry toils in the quarries north of town, and the fruits of their demanding labour supply much of the Kingdom's growing need for stone.

Locations Edit

Historical Note: In the past there was a mention of a market (an area that was not yet playable). This location was removed without ever being accessible.

The town is a SAFE place.

The Little Dragon Tavern Edit

 Hirdzaw Bridge (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: The Little Dragon tavern in Deepwell
Description: While eating, you hear two men talking about an incident at the Hirdzaw Bridge.
Requirements: None
Difficulty: 12+ at MR 70

Note: Listed under "Notes from the Stonehills" in Advs.
 The Merchant of Bones Formal Adventure?

Location: The Little Dragon Tavern, Deepwell
Description: The white-haired, hobbling man leads you over to his covered wagon, where you become witness to his gruesome, but fascinating, collection...
Requirements: The Caves of Westwold
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 60, fair Thievery skills
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.

The Tired Eye Inn Edit

 Into the Cellar (Deepwell) Informal Adventure

Location: The Tired Eye Inn, Deepwell
Description: What lurks in the cellar of the Tired Eye Inn? Norril, the owner of the Tired Eye Inn, asks you to help him with the "curse" that's been plaguing the inn for the last 100 years.
Requirements: None
Difficulty: Either 9+ at MR 65, 9+ at MR 43, or fair Diplomacy, depending on choices.

Nearby Locations Edit

Hirdzaw Bridge (AG) Edit

Main article: Hirdzaw Bridge

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