Death in Sryth is never permanent. You are ready to get up and continue immediately after dying (It restores you to the last Saved game).

However, death has its downsides, so remember to Save Your Game Frequently!. You can save your game in any location marked with the SAFE flag.

Downsides Edit

  • You lose all items, XP, gold, etc. that you had collected after saving, but you can, of course, play through those adventures/scenarios again. If you want to go back to your last saved game, it's not necessary to die, you can simply Quit without Saving.
  • Some adventures, in particular the Proving Grounds and the Ring of Illusion, keep a tally of how many times you have died in the course of the adventure. Your final reward reduces each time you die.
  • Some items have a timer that is not reset after dying/quitting and reloading.

Historical section Edit

Historically, from the beginnings of Sryth and until July 10th 2011, there were additional mechanics to dying: Marks of Death (MoD) and Runes of Life (RoL). When this mechanic was removed, a "fix" was made available at the Small windowless building with a blue door, so XP spent on Runes of Life was restored to the adventurers.

Mark of Death Edit

When you died (in or out of combat) and you didn't have any Runes of Life, you received a Mark of Death. Your soul could bear multiple such Marks.

If you had one or more Marks, you would be unable to train any skill or power until you removed them. It cost 32 General XP to remove each Mark of Death, and could be done in any SAFE location (via the Stats pane).

Rune of Life Edit

A Rune of Life was an insurance against receiving a Mark of Death. Each time you died, you may lose a Rune. Some Runes may be more powerful and might protect you over multiple deaths (Luck stat had a bearing on this).

You started the game with 20 Runes. You could buy more at any SAFE location (via the Stats window) at a cost of 16 xp.

As they were cheaper than a Mark of Death, and could last longer, it was always advisable to have at least a few ones left.