Vengeance Collection was a set of Tallys Limited Time Items that first appeared on October 24, 2009. This collection was first released with similar collections that shared a Halloween theme.

All items of this collection share the following common traits:

  • All armour items require 17 Might, 17 Aura, 17 Body and 17 Agility to equip.
  • All weapon items require 71 Weaponry and 71 in the appropriate weaponry subskill to equip.
  • All weapons give the following bonuses; +2 Agility, +2 Body and +2 Might.
  • All weapons have scaled MR bonuses as follows; +5 versus Goblins and +5 versus Undead.
  • All items give a variable bonuses to Melee Rating, Stamina Points and Nevernal Reserve.
  • All items give a Luck bonus.
  • All items once belonged to Traggran of Graldok, an accomplished adventurer who long ago served Lord Jurth Creyn.

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