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From time to time, a raffle for some powerful items is held in the Kingdom of Tysa. These special, limited-time events always attract much attention. Raffles are often announced on the Game Updates and/or official Facebook and Twitter channels.

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All currencies (AT, BM, and gold) have been used for raffles at one time or another. Also some special raffles have been open to all AG characters free of cost.

Most of the items appearing on Raffles are unique, and the only way for a character to have them was to win a raffle. However, some of them have later appeared in Tallys' shelves, usually as Tallys Limited Time Items

There are several pages collecting raffles:

Old raffles Edit

On June 2007, the GM awarded 2000 Sryth Bonus Points (80 Adventure Tokens) to one player among those who provided interesting testimonials of the game.

On July 7th 2007, the GM randomly selected 3 FoB players to get 2000 Sryth Bonus Points: The winners were stirlock, sunwukong and scionist.

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