This is the main category to browse Sryth items. It should contain only subcategories and a few pages about items. Item pages should be classified under one or more of the appropriate subcategories.

For information about items, see the Item Guide.

There are currently 2143 items available in the game, plus we have 1033 pages about items not currently in the game (either on Items no longer available or in Tallys Limited Time Items).

General rules Edit

  • Most of the hard categorizing work is done by {{Itembox}}.
  • There are a few categories manually populated, but they will be suitably marked as such.
  • If Itembox doesn't add a certain category to an item, don't add it yourself, it's always for a reason. Discuss on the talk page or in the forum (in the wiki section).

Categorizing rules Edit

  • All items are included on the Items by ID and Items by name categories. You can always resort to browse those categories if you don't find an item anywhere else (although searching is usually faster).
  • Items on either Items no longer available or Tallys Limited Time Items will only appear on their specific category and the two general ones. This is to avoid showing (usually desirable) items that you can't get anymore on other categories, thus easing the equipment search.
  • To avoid clutter, Unidentified Items are removed from applicable categories and only appear on their own category.
  • There are categories to show only Tallys items, including an ordered category: Tallys' Items by Cost
  • There are categories for items enhancing each of the ten stats. These include Tallys items.
    • MR Items are an exception: the category includes only MR-improving items that are not weapons
  • Categories for Weapons and Armour are further subdivided according to type, with special categories for listing all weapons/armour (magical, mundane, or both), and in the case of magical ones, with or without Tallys items.
  • Items with unknown Value is a semi-maintenance category to warn of not fully completed {{Itembox}} calls. You can get items out of there by setting parameters "Value", "AT Cost", "Unidentified", or either of the "no longer available" ones.

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