Items can be acquired during Quests in this category. The intent of this category is to show quests in which you can obtain desirable items, including:

  • Kepbekk leaves and elixirs.
  • Good armor and weapons.
    • This assumes that you do these quests when they're at a reasonable difficulty for your character, and thus the items granted in that quest could improve over your expected equipment. Your mileage can vary wildly depending on your previous quests.
    • If the item is really good it can qualify to Category:High-end items quests. See there for the inclusion guidelines for these items.
  • Unique (and useful) items.
    • May share the distinction between "good" and "high-end" as well.
  • Parts or enhancers of unique items. This includes additional items as well as "enchantments", "special powers" and other means to modify the functions of existing items.
    • They do not share the distinction between "good" and "high-end".
    • These ones should be listed on subcategories
    • If getting the parts and uniting them (among themselves or with the item enhanced) happens during a single quest, that quest belongs either to the general or the high-end categories.
    • If getting the parts and getting the final item happens during several quests, including quest chains where you add several pieces together until you have a working item, the only quests belonging to the general or high-end categories are the ones which provide the useful items. The rest should go either to Category:Item enhancing quests or Category:Partial items quests.

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