Dreadmask Collection was a grand collection of Tallys Limited Time Items that were available from the third of April through the eighth of April, 2012.

All items of this collection share the following common traits (except where noted):

  • They were previously owned by the legendary warrior Dreadmask
  • All have a requirement of 16 Spirit to equip.
  • All the armour pieces have an Encumbrance of 1 with the exception of Dreadstone's Ravenskin which has zero encumbrance.
  • Several, but not all, of the items have a Lore requirement.
  • Both weapons have a Melee Rating of +50 and a scaled bonus vs. Dragons of +5. Additionally, Dreadmask's Carver has a +5 bonus vs. Undead and Dreadstone's Rage has a +5 bonus vs. Ogres.
  • Both weapons also require 60 Lore, 16 Body, 16 Spirit, 90 Weaponry and 90 in the appropriate weaponry subskill to wield. Additionally, Dreadmask's Rage requires 18 Might and Dreadmask's Carver requires 16 Agility.

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