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Borimm's Forest Hall

Borimm's woodland hall proves to be a most unique dwelling. Set into the side of a mossy, tree-covered slope, the only portion of his home visible from the surrounding forest is a set of heavy wooden doors that comprise the only entrance. Several tall stacks of chopped wood stand on either side of the doors.

Borimm throws open the doors and ushers you inside, and you step into a long and wide wood-paneled chamber that comprises the entirety of the hall. At the far end a wild fire roars in the belly of grand fireplace, casting a cozy light off the dark walls that are adorned with many trophies that Borimm has apparently collected over the years.

See Borimm Locksong for how to unlock this location.

Spoiler Information
You can learn the skill of Woodsmanship from Borimm after you save him from some Grey Tunnelers in one of Trithik's Random Encounters. You can also train with him up to level 20 for only 8 XP each time.

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