Eat your greens and take plenty of exercise! Endurance, constitution or just pure and simple physical fitness, your Body score relates quite simply to how well your character can stand up to physical punishment and endure hard labor.


While not frequently, the game will ask you to check your Body score when your character is in situations that require toughness such as trying to withstand poison or disease. Starting out with a high Body score will also give you bonuses to your Stamina, which will help your character live longer. The reverse however, is also true: a low Body score will reduce your maximum SP.

Affected skillsEdit

Archery, Horsemanship, Weaponry (and subskills), Unarmed Combat

Improving this StatEdit

See Altering Ability Stats for suggestions on improving your base Body.

Body, like other Stats, may be improved or degraded by wearing or using certain items. See Body Items for more information.

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